Lighthouses near Old Saybrook, CT

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lighthouses near Old Saybrook CT

Although there are several perks of living on the coast, being able to enjoy the history and beauty of old lighthouses is certainly one of them. Here are some of the lighthouses located in Old Saybrook, CT and the surrounding area.

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Lynde Point Lighthouse | Old Saybrook

Located at the mouth of the Connecticut River, Lynde Point Lighthouse is best seen by foot or by boat. Unfortunately, there is no direct access to this lighthouse, so visitors recommend either viewing it from the water or parking on Maple Street and walking to see it from afar. The Lynde Point Lighthouse was built in 1803 and designed to guide ships coming through Long Island Sound as well as to mark the entrance to the Connecticut River. Learn more.lighthouse circle

Saybrook Breakwater Lighthouse | Old Saybrook

The Saybrook Breakwater Lighthouse is also located at the mouth of the Connecticut River and was built in 1886 to replace the Lynde Point Lighthouse and guide ships around the west breakwater that was added in the 1870s. The lighthouse, which is currently privately owned, is not accessible by land and is best viewed by boat. Learn more.

Old Lighthouse Museum | Stonington

Placed at the entrance to the harbor of Stonington in 1840, the lighthouse was used until it was replaced by beacons on breakwaters. It then housed keepers who tend to the breakwater lights. When a new keeper’s house was built, the Stonington Historical Society purchased the original lighthouse to display various artifacts and other collections. Visitors can enjoy the museum as well as climb the 29 circular steps and a short ladder to get to the top. The Old Lighthouse Museum is open every day except Wednesday from May through October from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Learn more.

Lighthouse Point Park | New Haven

The New Haven Harbor Lighthouse was used for 73 years beginning in 1847, and, although the light is now dark, the lighthouse still stands tall, greeting ships from all over the world. Residents and visitors to the area can now enjoy a nice park with a carousel and splashpad as well as swimming and refreshments during the summer. Learn more.

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